The transformation to ZEE “Soccer” Academy

For the past 5 years the brand ZEE has worked non-stop in bringing to Port Orange, Florida the center of Goalkeeper Training in the Southeast U.S. Needless to say, we have been very successful in doing so.

Doing it the right way takes a serious amount of time. We have in-part learned from other sports organizations in the region, others that came in to the county all fast-and-furious, offering a dream to cling to at insanely high prices and quickly learned at their own expense the reality that soccer in Volusia county is “difficult” to say the very least.

Since 2017 we have gained the trust of goalkeepers and their parents in Volusia county. At this time we are working with 1 out of 3 competitive travel keepers that play for a club in the county. It took very little time for that trust to extend to the state and then all over the Southeast United States.

Our goalkeeper camps fill up very fast. No matter where they take place (a small rural town or a suburban center, we manage to “Fully Book” the event.

ZEE Goalkeeper Academy Florida

Over the years many parents and even people that work in the youth soccer industry have asked us, why we haven’t offered soccer camps and extend our quality training to field players as well.

We have pushed back on this idea for several years. However this summer we placed into our camp agenda already two soccer camps.

The first soccer event was in the second week of June. A so-called “Soft-Opening” in Lake City Florida. 75 children aged 5 through 16.

The second event was held this past week in Fort White. A more competitive level with goalkeepers and field players (60) of ages ranging between 8 and 18.

ZEE Soccer Camp Fort White Florida June 2022

There will be an additional Goalkeeper-Striker camp on July 11th in Port Orange. A lot smaller in numbers as on the same dates two college programs will be holding their camps as well.

The event will be well documented and then exposed on our social media channels and websites. Not just photographs and videos of soccer players posing for the camera, but real training drills, coaching points from our qualified and high-licensed coaches and of course our training field equipment that is the envy of any MLS club!

ZEE Soccer Academy

Introducing quality soccer camps with qualified coaches! Coaches that have played or/and coached at a professional level, coaches that are involved with the MLS Next (DA).

The local competitive travel soccer clubs can’t offer any of this. They don’t have the “A and PRO licensed” coaches (there are a couple), but none of them are involved in a Development Academy program. They don’t have access to professional equipment…

Will this drag our attention from our goalkeepers? Are you kidding me??!! NO IT WILL NOT!

So, what from here? Soccer Camps and Clinics throughout the Fall and Winter in Florida and beyond!! Bringing in Guest-Coaches from the MLS and USL Championship, exposing our brand and offering something never seen before at a youth soccer level in the county.

How about a competitive travel Club/Academy not related to FYSA? One step at the time, but yes, it’s in the works!

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