Welcome Back Port Orange Soccer Club

I got the great news this evening! I couldn’t be more happy than I am right now. Starting next Fall-Season our town will have it’s soccer club back and its original and prestigious identity!

In these past 20 months when looking at the league schedules, I really missed reading the name “PORT ORANGE SOCCER CLUB”, I still have great memories when working for the club as Goalkeeper Academy Director and I still work with nearly every single one of those club goalkeepers.

Rick Zucchi POSC 2016

As many know I refused to work with the franchise that the club merged with and because of that new-deal I resigned. However I did predict that this union would have lasted no more than 2 years before it would have folded. Hey, I was spot on 🙂

Since then I’ve moved on, creating something called the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy, today the largest year-round goalkeeper school in the Southeast of the United States. We have a strong partnership with Select Sports the largest producer of soccer balls worldwide and recently we’ve launched our own brand of pro-goalkeeper gloves. So from that broken deal something amazing came out of it for me and the dozens and dozens of goalkeepers I work with. Port Orange today is the largest pool of quality youth goalkeepers in the entire state.

The POSC president William “Bill” Fredette-Huffman and the newly assigned Director of Coaching James Harden have many big challenges in front of them, most of all that of restoring the club back to it’s glory days and knowing them both, I’m positive that they’ll give everything they got. I wish Huffman, Harden, the board of directors and the coaching staff the very best of luck!

I can’t wait to see the Port Orange Soccer Club U12 team next season over at Dewey O Boster Sports Complex where my son plays with the Deltona Youth Soccer Club. That is going to be a very special game for both my son and I 🙂

Welcome Back Port Orange Soccer Club!!

Port Orange Soccer Club Florida GCF

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