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There are a lot of wannabe-coaches out there who don’t have A SINGLE CLUE about how to really coach! These men and women consistently do far more damage to young athletes than they do good.
These coaches tear down self-esteem rather than building it up in the young goalkeeper. They can create an unsafe learning environment for their athletes. Using fear, humiliation and demeaning, disrespectful behaviors as “teaching” tools at the end will not work.
The worst of them all is the emotionally and physically abusive. They regularly kill the fun and passion that their goalkeepers once had for the sport. These coaches are them that have lost their way and now find themselves far from the true mission of coaching.

You’re a monster of a coach when you call a goalkeeper out in front of the team and tell him/her, You suck at what you do! How is this kind of a action the coach took constructive? Does it help a child understand what he/she is doing wrong? How does it help a child learn? Does it motivate an individual to want to work with you again? Does it help that individual feel good about themselves? When working with young children a good coach will act if he were a member of the team, like if he/she is in that same age group. The good coach is a leader, will assist and correct in a fun way and will not go out of his/her way to point out the things that a keeper may be doing wrong! A good coach will make the corrections with a group involvement coaching point, he/she wont say its wrong, but rather they’ll say there is a better way to do it. No one is humiliated or torn down that way.

You’re a criminal and not a coach when you tell your keepers that under no circumstances are they ever to tell their parents what really goes on at training, any coach that has parents stay further than a listening distance has something to hide. What they’re trying to hide is their totally abusive behaviors! Telling kids not to tell their parents is what child abusers tell their victims!

I don’t care if you played in college (so did I), I don’t care if you played in a pro league (so did I), I could care less if your coaching is based on how many championships you’ve won in the past. When you treat adolescent athletes disrespectfully you are far away from being a good coach.

The real and humble coaches and educators don’t teach in this manner. They value their players and make them feel that value inside and out. Your player reputation should not determine whether you get respect from your students. What does determine whether the kids respect you is how you act on the field! Quality coaches gain their respect from their players on a daily basis, based on how they interact with their keepers and everyone else associated with the program, including other coaches and parents. If you think that you’re above your students and their parents and that you’re too important to earn their respect, then you are a bad coach, you should not be around children, you should consider flipping burgers at McD’s!

You’re a douchebag of a coach when you refuse to take responsibility for your actions, when you refuse to take the blame and instead, blame others for them. The quality of a great educator is that they present themselves as a person, as a Dad/Mom as a man/woman. They do not let their ego get involved. Therefore when something could go wrong, they take their own part of the blame. Good coaches take responsibility for their students mistakes, but most of all they give their athletes the full and total responsibility for successes. Douche coaches blame their players for losses and take the credit only when they win.

I’ve come to the conclusion that good coaches are harder to find. It seems that all modern coaches straight out of college are cut from the same cloth.
Many are frustrated individuals desperately searching for some fleeting fame or public approval. Most of these coaches are not adequately trained no USC diplomas or USSF/UEFA licensing! In the process, they fail in their jobs as educators.

It’s important for concerned parents to continue to step into the fire and speak up because our soccer coaches system is very badly broken at present. Change at a youth soccer club level can only come when enough parents speak up. At the very same time it’s crucial that we assist our children to keep working hard and pursuing their dream to become the next Tim Howard or Hope Solo, even if a coach is discouraging them! It is also of vital importance to let your boy/girl know that not all coaches are like this!

In the past two weeks I have received complaints from three different parents, parents that bring their children to my goalkeeper academy. They’re complaining on how a coach at their youth soccer club is treating their children. I have not witnessed it firsthand, but the parents claim that this coach is shaming the students, pointing out that everything that they have learned at my Goalkeeper Academy is wrong, putting them in show to demonstrate how wrong they make a save. This coach has said some harmful things to one of my students and has even asked him “A 10 YEAR OLD KEEPER” that she wants my phone number, so that she can express what a terrible goalkeeper coach I am. But not a word of all this said in front of the parents.

Coaches have different training styles and techniques. I have always updated mine following the path of education offered by the United Soccer Coaches, The United States Soccer Federation, FIFA Goalkeeper invitationals and before that the FIGC (Italian soccer federation). I have had the honor to be instructed by Giovanni Galli, Francesco Toldo, Dino Zoff and the late Tony Decicco. I pecked their brains and brought it ALL back to the Goalkeeper Academy, we provide the latest techniques designed by the best goalkeeper coaches worldwide.


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