ZEE Goalkeeper Gloves – Academy 2.0 – First Look

This glove started off as a concept, just a rough idea of something that we had in mind. We wanted a Goalkeeper Glove for our goalkeeper academy students that was just as effective as the Nike Vapor 3 or the matching Adidas and Uhlsport models. We wanted something more affordable without having to reduce the quality. The factory came up with the ZEE Academy 2.0 goalkeeper glove. Using the same quality materials as the top brands and best selling goalkeeper gloves worldwide.
ZEE Academy Goalkeeper Gloves Prototypes
The exclusive 3-Way-Adjustment enables a secure, tight and custom fit in the palm enhances flexibility and grip, and improves control. The Pre-curved glove positions the hands in a ready-to-catch position, and reduces by 40% the stress on the hands and fingers. This ZEE Goalkeeper Glove also provides a backhand ventilation system which provides an airflow through palm, fingers and back-of-hand.
When this glove hits the stores, Goalkeepers can wear a glove that makes them feel totally confident to handle any kind of soccer ball that gets thrown their way!

The ZEE Academy 2.0 goalkeeper glove will be produced in all sizes from 5 to 11. Production will start at the end of 2018 and the finished product will be put on sale online in the United States only starting January 2019.

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