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The zee goalkeeper academy Port Orange Florida

Parents and students that use our goalkeeper academy understand that it gives great advantages that most regular club goalkeeper training can’t deliver. We are known for creating in every drill a real game-set scenario, so that the keepers understand in full the drill and can execute it better and faster when put in the same position on the field on game day.
If you think that your child can take his/her goalkeeping seriously and you’d like to see them take their skills to a high level then I suggest you contact us to receive and invite for a free academy session.

Email: rz@zeesoccer.com
Tel: 352.226.4324

ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

Advanced Goalkeeper Training Ages 12 to 18

All goalkeepers will work specifically on ``What to do`` game set situation, taking their goalkeeper training to the next level. The components of a Real Game Set Goalkeeper Training Session are maximally specific and very realistic, plus relentlessly repetitive and challenging to goalkeepers. Along with the coaches dialog on what and how to react to a certain drill, the keeper is surrounded in what he/she sees as their 18 yard box on game-day.

Grassroots introductory level ages 7 to 11

Keepers at this age should have fun and totally enjoy playing soccer in goal. There should be no pressure on them, that is the first rule. However, we will have them jump right into the role and understand all aspects of the goalkeepers true reason! They also will train through real game set drills using the most advanced goalkeeper equipment in the country.

Goalkeeper camps and clinics

Either you’re a beginner or an advanced keeper our goalkeeping camps and clinics will guide you in picking up all the techniques and skills required to become a very competent goalkeeper. The camp and clinics will cover the main and most of all advanced techniques and skills of goalkeeping: college level warm ups, footwork, shot stopping, striker vs keeper, breakaways, advanced handling. Thus to create a realistic game environment, where the Goalkeepers comprehend in every detail the actions they need to take in every save.!

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Custom Goalkeeper Gloves


We have gone to a great extent to create the best possible goalkeeper gloves on the market and keeping the cost for less than $80.00. In reality any of the major brands that are using the same materials as our Zee Pro-Game 2.0 is selling their gloves for no less than $120.00 a pair.

You will notice that the description of our gloves is in deep detail when it comes down to measurements, this is because 90% of the goalkeeper gloves out there that sell for more are actually using less quality products and many are basically selling you a low quality material glove with a popular and trendy logo!

The glove has gone through 4 months of testing stages and whenever the testing goalkeepers found something in the glove that could be improved, we stepped on it right away. The backhand of the glove is now the same color of the coating, we are the only GK glove company that uses 10 mm foam in a goalkeeper glove that costs less than $80.00. All latex used on our gloves is 100% German!


Zee Goalkeeper Gloves Venom - Select Soccer Balls
what we do


Private training sessions, Academy, Clinics, and Camps. Click the below images for more information

our events


Our academy offers the opportunity to host one-of-a-kind goalkeeper camps and classes in your area. Whether you’re a Soccer Club Director, Soccer Facility Owner or a Youth soccer group leader, our goalkeeper camps and classes ensures that you can find the perfect training program for your keepers.
We do not offer babysitting camps, our curriculum’s are serious training environments for keepers ages 7 to 18 years of age (classes for college keepers available).

We offer several different types of camps. Starting with 3 hour half-day camps mainly for beginning and intermediate players. We also offer intensive full-day camps for athletes ages 13 and over who are seriously committed! These players need to be established players that already play for youth soccer clubs or high schools who are looking to play in college!

We can provide group but also individual coaching during the week of the camp upon coach/parent request. Our coaches are licensed and serious individuals with years of experience playing in goal and coaching goalkeepers and field players at all levels.

Why should you host one of our camps at your facility?
1. You get the camp in a convenient location, at your club, in your town.
2. You select along with us the date and times that suit your campers best.
3. Your soccer club is providing an exciting service that most organizations don’t have.

What do we provide?
USSF and UEFA Licensed coaching staff.
All professional coaching equipment.
Real game set curriculum.
Safe environment.

What we need from you:
A full size soccer field in good conditions with a shaded area and restroom facilities within 150 yards of the field.

What should I do next?
Contact us! either by email rz@zeesoccer.com or give the academy director a call at 352.226.4324

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don’t hear just from us only, hear the parents too


My son Colt started with the academy about 3 years ago. He had no prior goalkeeper training. Zee helped him discover his passion and pursue his love of goalkeeping. We travel two and a half hours to attend as many training sessions and camps as possible. It is well worth the investment. The coaches at Zee academy treat the students with respect pushing them to become the best they can be. It’s a great feeling when the opposing teams coaches come up after a game to compliment your sons skills. Thank you Coach Rick and the Zee keeper coaches for all you do for the kids!

Kelly Patterson
Mother of Colt

Our son and I have found a nestled atmosphere in Zee’s academy and their coaches upstanding and dedicated discipline to guide the goalkeepers in the hard, effective, and very technical workouts. All these and more has given assistances and straightened the ability to put Santiago in the rightfully  and meaningfulness mental path to keep the progress and his tenacity to pursuit the happiness for the love of the game, as to reach the proudness to become a great goalkeeper

Santi and Ama Alfaro
Parents of Santiago

The Zee Goalkeeper Academy has been an important piece in the growth of our son's goalkeeping skills. Experienced coaches who are very engaged and who truly love what they are doing. All students are treated with respect and known by name. Our son, who had no prior experience as a goalkeeper, have improved greatly thanks to the Zee Academy. When opposite team coaches approach your son after a game to compliment his skills, you know you're in the right place.

Naydeliz Badillo
Mother of Alejandro

One of the best decisions we made was to enroll our Son Francisco (Cisco) into the Zee Goalkeeper Academy. Coach Zee’s dedication to making these boys and girls better is second to none. Working with Rick and his experienced Team of coaches Cisco has and continues to improve in all aspects of his game

Parents of Francisco

My son has been a part of Zee Academy training as a goalkeeper for the past 3 years. The coaches that are part of the academy push him to be better, on and off the field. They are tough at the same time as being completely on his side. The character and work values that soccer has helped my son develop is priceless and Zee Academy has been a huge part of that! Thank you Coach Rick and all Zee Keeper Coaches for the hard work and heart you put into everything!

Mark Bierwagen
Father of Ryan

Who knew we'd be raising a little goalkeeper with a big heart! The coaches at Zee Academy have never ceased to amaze us with their ability to grow players confidence, skill, and drive for the game. We thoroughly enjoy every practice, every opportunity, every game Molly attends. Thank you coaches for your sincere encouragement, inspiration, and phenomenal dedication to Molly and peers.

Karen & Joel Andriola
Parents of Molly
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My son Henry attends Zee goalie camps every time they have one. We drive from Albany GA. Henry he has learned more from these camps than he has over the years at his soccer club. The investment is well worth it. The team of coaches are experienced and competent, they will spend time with the parents answering all questions. We have been to many different goalkeeper camps ran by other organizations and they don't come close to what Zee Academy offers.

Robert Majors
Father of Henry

It’s the best goalie academy in Florida. Coach Rick Zee and his staff of coaches have taught my son so much over the past year I highly recommend them above any other goalkeeper program that we have tried.

Shawn David
Father of Braiden

This is by far the best Goalkeeper training school my 17 year old daughter has ever attended! Coach ZEE and his staff are awesome coaches and she looks up to him! He has given her so much helpful information, we are so happy to have found him!

Gina Fields-Lamoreaux
Mother of Emily

The best and most professional goalkeeper coach in the area. He is great with all ages and teaches very important life lessons while also making sure every kid is safe from injury and well taken care of! Highly recommend!

Jeremy Edler
CEO Soccer Innovations

The ZEE GK Academy has done a ton to improve our son's reflexes and overall keeper skills. Just as important, he has been positive and tough and supportive and has helped our son's confidence. ZEE has also given his free time to attend some of Jake's big high school games, to lend moral support and pointers. He is a great coach and has developed an excellent program! He runs terrific drills and also teaches good life lessons. There's a spirit of camaraderie during the academy training sessions, and his encouraging voice rings out loud and clear. As an added bonus, the academy developed keeper gloves that are well designed and of great quality. Keeper training is a commitment every Friday evening,but we believe it has paid off!

Mother of Jake

Ryland has been attending ZEE Goalkeeper Academy for just over a year now and his progress has simply been amazing! Their extreme patience and personal dedication to each player regardless of experience is incredible! They take the time to evaluate all players continuously at each session and adjusts their drills to ensure that all players are being pushed to their fullest potential This personalized attentiveness and commitment leads to players excelling so much further than they typically would be capable of doing with team training alone. The return on investment is realized after just a couple of sessions and camps. Simply amazing!

Tanya Brady
Mother of Ryland

Coach Zee's training sessions are the highlight of Solomon's week. He loves to go and will choose it over any other activity. He has learned and excelled so much from his training in such a short amount of time, it's amazing to watch. We are so happy we signed him up for his first Goalkeeper Camp back in 2017 with Coach Zee and became part of the family.

Kari Bell
Aunt of Solomon

Our daughter Payton started attending Coach ZEE's Goalkeeper training academy about 15 months ago, and it was the best decision we ever made for her! Our daughter's club did not offer any goalkeeper training, and we knew if we wanted her to grow in the position she chose to play, she needed something more. The growth she has made in such a short amount of time is undoubatbly directly connected to Coach Zee's training, and the real game scenarios that he is able to duplicate at his practices. He takes his time with the kids and is able to evaluate the individual player and figure out the areas they need to improve. The kids in his academy enjoy going to his training sessions and really respond to his training techniques.

Brent Drexler
Father of Payton

What an amazing Coach and mentor he is to our son Manny. Coach Zee brings knowledge and passion to ALL his camps. He can grasp the attention of the kids and become interactive with all ages. He also has lots of equipment to keep up with effective routines to get them to the pinnacle of their goalie training. You will not be disappointed, our son has excelled so much in just a few weeks and it only gets better from here on out, thank you Coach Zee

Steve Beltran
Father of Manny

The coaching is excellent. Real game situational drills not just the basics or theory. Great equipment for the drills and in-depth explanations as to why the drills are important and how they’ll help the keeper in a game situation. All I can say is first class all the way.

Daniel Paulo
Father of Tanner and Teagan

ZEE taught my daughter not only how to become a better goalkeeper but built her confidence and her self esteem like no one had ever done before. Coach Zee has built Emily into the goalkeeper she is today and is continuing to build her to become a college level goalkeeper. Rick has contacted colleges coaches, sent videos that he has made to college coaches and even attended College ID camps with Emily to support her and to talk to the college coaches in person.

Renee Carlton Bergin
Mother of Emily

The BEST Goalkeeper Academy around. Although my daughter decided not to play Soccer this season, she insisted that she continue to train with Coach Zee. This speaks volumes to his character and connection with those he works with.

Cleff Smith
Father of Rachel
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